March Madness #1

I am hooked on Journaling by 5s, which is a mixed media process started by Shannon Green. For March Madness I will be all over the place with my creativity. I am currently altering a dictionary – Webster’s New Young American Dictionary. I started altering it in May (2014), initially by doodling and later painting in it. Now I am doing mixed media in it and it is fun. Here are some pictures of the journaling by 5s process (6 of 20 pages)…I am on step 2 – adding texture via collage and recycled materials.


Step 1 involved doing the background through paint and/or ink on 20 pages in 15 minutes. In step 2, I glued down materials to created texture…again only 15 minutes to do 20 pages, which only allows me 45 seconds of work/play on each page. No time to think. No time to criticize my work. No time to second guess what would look best. It is trusting myself to just put the art materials down quickly and having faith in my own creativity. Step 3 will involve creating pattern by using stamps and/or stencil. I will post my progress here as well as video tape. Here are the links to videos: STEP 1 and STEP 2 (consider subscribing to my YouTube channel)

Thank you for stopping by. Stay posted for more creative fun this month.


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