Mother’s Day

The layout for Unscripted Sketches this week (#256) inspired this Mother’s Day Card. I carried in my heart as I made this card the deep appreciation and love I have for my mother and all her sacrifices. She always takes care of her hive and she is forever as busy as a bee…a queen bee.



I used My Mind’s Eye scrapbook paper for the background. For the Happy Mother’s Day sentiment, I used a font called Forte in Paint Shop Pro; and, then I printed and cut it out to glue to my card. I scanned and printed a vintage queen bee from my old book collection of copyright free art that I used when I taught life science. I used PVA and UHU stik to adhere all my materials. For detail work I used a gold metallic Sharpie extra fine point paint pen and a black Sharpie extra fine point permanent marker.

The process in creating this card was as easy as gluing things down once I had a plan, which was inspired by the wonderful layout provided by Unscripted Sketches. This was another joyful project. Thank you Unscripted Sketches.


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