Stuck On You!

I have become addicted (stuck on) and intrigued with the weekly layouts from Unscripted Sketches, which has inspired the following artwork in my art journal.


The layout provided this week reminded me of a frog catching a fly, especially after I turned it 90 degrees clockwise.

US_sketch253I started a sketch with a graphite pencil and Derwent Inktense Watersoluble Ink Pencils; I then added water and Grumbacher Deluxe Transparent Watercolors. The words are written in inexpensive dollar store permanent markers. I did a bit of detail work on the eyes with white Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint and black uni-ball Vision fine point pen (waterproof/fade-proof). This is my first (of hopefully many) Unscripted Sketches blog hop in which I am participating. I encourage my readers to check Unscripted Sketches out for more inspiration and fun.




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