Artful Reader’s Club: June Edition

For June, I am posting art and review for a book entitled: 74 Seaside Avenue written by Debbie Macomber. For those who are unfamiliar with The Artful Reader’s Club, please visit Darcy’s site: ART and SOLEARC

JuneRead00This is book #7 in Macomber’s 12 book Cedar Cove series. Surprisingly, it matter not that I came into the series halfway. I was still able to enjoy this story. It is a light romance centered around the community of Cedar Cove. The gossip-like style of writing was fun to read. This story resolved the main plot, but there was a side plot that was left unresolved. This cliffhanger clearly was used to entice you to read the next book in the series. So, I did. In fact I completely finished reading the rest of the books in the Cedar Cove series.

Macomber brings to life many characters in Cedar Cove, who are going through various issues with life and relationships. 74 Seaside Avenue, a gorgeous house with a view of the Puget Sound, is the address of Teri and Bobby Polgar. Bobby happens to be a famous chess champion and Teri is a hair stylist. Apparently, they are newly wed; furthermore, Teri is reluctant introduce her handsome and rich husband to her mother and especially her sister, Christie. Christie was always competing with Teri and has stolen many boyfriends. Also, Teri is concerned about Bobby, who has given into worrying lately, and has become overprotective of her. Later, you learn why as this mystery unfolds.

Side plots include Teri’s friend, Rachel, who has 2 men interested in her. And, then there is Linnette McAfee, who abruptly decides to leave her hometown after her serious boyfriend took up with another woman. Her mother, Corrie  was not too happy with that decision, but then it was not her decision to make. You will also be pulled into the stories of Troy Davis (the local sheriff), Olivia Lockhart Griffin (local family court judge), and her best friend Grace Sherman Harding (local librarian). Each chapter reads like a scene from a soap opera; and, would make for a great television mini-series.

There is a strong art community that is weaved through the series as Cedar Cove has an Art Gallery that was managed by one character, then bought out by Olivia’s brother, Will. The underlying lesson in each of the main and side plots of all the books I read in the series, is keep the lines of communication open. Also, don’t try to second guess another’s thoughts or feelings. Just ask. And, be honest, with yourself and others. 

The artwork I did for this book revolves around what Cedar Cove would look like. Cedar Cove is fictional, but Debbie Macomber does not hide the fact that it is loosely based on her hometown of Port Orchard, Washington. So, I started with a photo and maps, painted a water color background and then cut up the maps into a few pieces to collage down into it. I embellished with permanent marker and a white paint pen. I used a yellow stain to border the image and the map pieces.




JuneRead04Next month I plan to do The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Then I will delve into a couple of art-making books that I have yet to read and use…Raw Art Journaling by Quinn McDonald and Personal Geographies – Explorations in Mixed-Media Map Making by Jill K. Berry. Both look very promising!


11 thoughts on “Artful Reader’s Club: June Edition

  1. Enjoyed your review and your artwaork. I’m packing my bags and heading to Dedar Cove and the Seaside Avenue area as I have a great map with directions and all the important sights!! 🙂 Sounds like a light, fun read!!

  2. I love, love ,love this series. I agree that it would be a good TV series, but I hope that they never do. I preferthe people in my imagination. Your artwork is fab, I would love to visit this fictional town !! A xx

  3. Your review was a fun read, even though I’ve never heard of the author or the series. Cedar Cove seems like a good place to live, too. Love the idea of living in an art community. And speaking of art, I love the collage pages you created. Very nicely done, too.

  4. Although this is probably not a book I would read, not being a great one for love stories, nevertheless I really enjoyed your review! Your art work is lovely too and made me think of summer and the beach and all there is to discover under blue skies! Julie Ann xx

  5. I’ve not heard of this author either, but this sounds like a fun read, and you clearly enjoyed it. Your artwork is very inviting, Cedar Cove looks like it would be a great place to live!

  6. Like your art work, super background. Not read anything by this author, but your review suggests she is an enjoyable read.
    Jen x

  7. A new one on me too. I like your artwork, very visual and it has maps – so that has to be good!

    Janet xx

  8. Ah, so Cedar Cover is the place to be this summer! It sound like a great read now we’re in the middle of a heat wave…
    Thank you for the great review and the Art-work is very inviting!

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