Loosen Up!

Untitled ART BOOK 101
Chapter1.2 Loosen up!

After doing blind art (see blog: chapter1.1), now you are ready to delve into more! Right? No? Why not? No one is going to see these except you. Don’t be discouraged if you do not like your lines. You did them without looking. If you go out into nature and truly observe , you will see that there really is no such thing as perfect straight lines in the natural world. I have never seen a perfectly straight tree or flower. Have you?

The next activity will really loosen you up. Get some scrap paper or a “junk notebook/journal” if you would like to keep a record of these activities; and, with your non-dominant hand, take a pen , pencil or any drawing tool you would like and start scribbling. Do timed scribbles of one to two minutes each. You can change colors but try not to lift your drawing instrument as you scribble. Do at least 5 of these. If you like, close your eyes as you do these scribbles with your non-dominant hand. For added inspiration, you may even wish to play some favorite music in the background and/or burn a scented candle or oils. ©AKOrobko

Great link for a timer: http://www.online-stopwatch.com/eggtimer-countdown/full-screen/


6 thoughts on “Loosen Up!

  1. This is absolutely wonderful! When I was younger we didn’t think to get coloring books, but scribble and color the gaps. Never tried it with my non-dominant hand. It would be a great activity to do with early years students to help them understand what left/right hand dominance means.

  2. Reblogged this on teachersespresso and commented:
    Sometimes the simplest activities can be the most powerful. Consider that the contains elements of Brain Gym with hand eye co-ordination and fine motor control. It would be useful for other skills such as pencil grip. This is a blog to watch!

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