ICAD #53

The prompt I used for the Index Card A Day challenge day 53 was “Dreamy”. I covered the index card with acrylic craft paints…layer upon layer using blues, greens, pinks, oranges and butter cream. I was looking to achieve a dream-like effect. I believe I accomplished it after using pouring medium on the 2nd layer and painting over it. I then put another layer of pouring medium over it for a glossy finish. More of the blues and oranges seem to be visible along with the butter cream, which appears white in the image. This piece was done very intuitively as I dabbed my brush in various pigments and  then on the index card. This index card art was very meditative and therapeutic for me.

10 thoughts on “ICAD #53

  1. Awesome and seriously amazing!! I tried to email you a thanks for your comments on mine which truly put me over the moon, they were so generous, but apparently the no-reply whatever didn’t find you. ;~[ so I am glad I came by here and saw your BEautimous work as well.

  2. I love reading your description of the intuitive way in which you created this card. Very suitable for the “dreamy” prompt. I think I could spend a long time looking at this card. It is so multi-layered and has so many bits of different colours.

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