Index Card A Day (ICAD) Challenge for June and July #1

If you enjoyed the 29 Faces in May challenge…then this one will be super fun. You just make one index card of art a day. This challenge originates at Come join the fun!!! Daisy has provided prompts and ideas and guidelines and so much more!!! Today’s prompt was “map”. I took it literally and used a map in my art. I used ink and watercolor and glue and enamel accents. This is a true mixed media piece on a simple index card.


25 thoughts on “Index Card A Day (ICAD) Challenge for June and July #1

  1. I like your map card! It’s very rich. I love all of the map cards I’ve seen and I’m starting to want to make my own. I don’t know that I’ll do one justice, but I think it will be fun. I can’t wait to see what else you’ll do. This is lovely.


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  3. Great map! Literal or figurative, it’s a wonderful creative challenge. And I actually met Tammy last week! She’s funny and energetic and made me create an index card on the spot!

    • Thank you so very much, Quinn. That is wonderful that you got to meet Tammy. I would love to meet both you and Tammy. You are both so prolific in your art. I have your book Raw Art Journaling and I am enjoying it immensely. ♥ Angi

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