29 Faces in May; Face 14

Face 14 of the 29 Faces challenge is a pencil sketch of a boy’s face. No picture reference used. I think he turned out great with his freckles and all! My hands did get all smudgy after I did this. I forgot  how messy working with pencil can get, but then again, most art materials are “messy”. That is what creating is all about….messing about pencils, chalk, paints, markers, etc. on various materials. Working in 3-d can be even messier! Hurrah for creative messes…it is all FUN!


3 thoughts on “29 Faces in May; Face 14

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    • Thank you so very much Malinda… I find a little graphite/pencil goes a long way…just take your time when you sketch, with little pressure to the paper and use your eraser as a tool. Also, consider the source of your light…where are the lightest and darkest parts of your image. ♥

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